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About the House

AboutTheHouse-200x300Built circa 1749 and nestled on 5 wooded acres in Upper Bucks County, the inn was a stagecoach stop for travelers making the 60 mile trek between The Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia.

On June 15th 1784, Micheal Stoneback humbly petitioned the Court at Newtown, PA to be recommended to the “Honorable Executive Council
for Lysence” to keep a House of Public Entertainment for travelers on Old Bethlehem Road. The petition states that, “in the Fall and Spring said road is exceeding bad which puts a number of travelers under the necessity of stopping at his house”.  Furthermore, Stoneback’s supporters in this petition attested that, “he is well provided with hay and pasture to keep a good house of public entertainment”

Old Bethlehem Road is said to have been one of the most traveled roads in colonial Bucks County. General’s Washington and Lafayette traveled this road as they made the voyage up to Easton, PA to establish Lafayette College.

So while we can’t say for sure “Washington slept here”, we know that the innkeeper offered them a cask of lager to make the trip more enjoyable!

Preparing for Summer

Once again, things are starting to heat up in the Pennsylvania. The weather is becoming less frightful each day. We are happy to see winter coming to an end and look forward to hearing the birds singing outside again. For that reason, we have already begun making plans for all the potential visitors who will come to see the area in full bloom. It is in an effort to ensure that our grounds are as beautiful as the area surrounding our bed and breakfast. As we spend our time preparing for summer; we can only hope that you will stop by to see the wonderful changes that we are making.

The Process of Preparing Has Begun

Even as we try to prepare we strive to stay true to the historical value of our bed and breakfasts while updating it to ensure our guests are able to enjoy themselves while here. Inside, we are opening windows, washing drapes, and changing out older mattresses. Everything is getting a breath of fresh air as we open windows to let out the stale odors that come with an older home. Outside, we are also working to prepare for the upcoming seasons. We are doing this by repairing flowerbeds that need it, pruning shrubbery, and repainting the areas that are starting to show their age. We are creating new walkways and pressure washing our decks. Our goal is that by the time the temperatures get warm, we will have everything prepared and no area of our grounds will be neglected.

The Next Step for De-Winterizing

Our goal is to make sure people love to come visit Pennsylvania in the summer time. We want our guests to come see us and enjoy the nature that surrounds us, even the parts that we have added to the premises. For instance, our large swimming pool area is also being improved. Thanks to the Pool Guru we are adding the necessary chemicals to ensure that it is going to be beautiful and clear, pressure washing all of the concrete areas around it, and ensuring all of the chairs are ready for people to sit on. Our supply of water sport toys and super-sized floats are being aired up as we bring them out of storage for everyone to enjoy.

We Will Be Ready for You

When you are looking for a fun summer getaway, we invite you to come visit our little piece of earth. A lot of our guests return year after year because of the efforts that we put forth in preparing for summer. Our wish would be that you and your family also discover the joys of joining our family for a little while. It is a guaranteed good time whether you are hiking to the lake, splashing in our pool, relaxing in the sun, or sitting in your room with the people you love the most. We will be ready to welcome you into our home and invite you to stay as long as you want to.


Daytime Activities

When we first opened up our Bed & Breakfast, we wanted a place that people would enjoy enough that they would return to visit us at a later time. We understand that when people come to us, it is mostly because they want to get away from the world outside. We wanted to create a space of relaxation and fun, but we wanted to also ensure that our guests have things that they can enjoy doing while they are there. The nights are yours to enjoy in whatever way you want to, even if it is staying inside of your room. The daytime, though, is where our bed and breakfast differs from most. There are a variety of daytime activities available for you and most of our guests claim that it is the best part of their time with us. Perhaps it will be for you as well.


Daily Activities

Inside of our comfortable bed and breakfast, you will find all that you would expect. There are comfortable beds to sleep on, a television to watch, and other luxuries that are designed to make you feel at home. However, because we are a place that you visit when on vacation or taking time away from the world you live in, we also put effort into the things you can do outside during the daytime.

paddleboardFor instance, we are located close enough to downtown that many visitors choose to take a walk rather than take their vehicles when they decide that they want to go shopping or explore the nearby stores. We also have a lake so that you can go kayaking or paddleboarding as a way to get time out of the room and enjoy the water. For lazy afternoons when you just want to relax under a nice tree, we have hammocks to help. All of these things are provided because we feel it adds a little more to the bed and breakfast experience.

There Are Calories Burned Kayaking

We like to see people get outdoors and enjoy themselves. We want to see people enjoying a healthy lifestyle. If you get up and eat a large breakfast with us, we want you to burn off calories. Many of our guests are shocked to learn that there are more calories burned kayaking than doing most other sports. We personally learned about this fact through our own research and reading inflatable kayak reviews.

We Care About Your Enjoyment

lakepictureBy choosing to give more to our guests, we put a lot of effort into choosing activities. We want people to visit us and get some daily exercise when they are there. Not inside of a gym or by swimming laps in a pool; those things get boring. A lake offers a new experience each time you venture out, whether you are on a paddleboard or the kayak. The same can be said of taking a hike into town. It is always changing. That is what we love most about our particular bed and breakfast and we hope that you find it enjoyable as well. Regardless of which daily activity you decide to enjoy.

Quaint Style Luxury Accommodations

bednbreakyIf you enjoy old-fashioned comfort, you need not look any further than our Bed and Breakfast inn. It is an inn that we have put a lot of effort into creating, because we want you to feel as though there is no better place for you to spend your next vacation. We take pride in our unique charm and luxuries that you do not normally expect from an older style inn. Are you ready to see what our quaint style, luxurious accommodations are all about?

Our Difference

A long time ago, when we decided to open a Bed and Breakfast, we decided we wanted to provide comfort and charm. Our rooms are considering quaint by most people who visit us. That is because we stick to our roots and keep old-fashioned comfort in mind when we bring in items for our inn. This means that our facilities have a classic style that never seems to go out of style. Our beds are far from contemporary, but this does not mean that they are not comfortable.

Don’t Let Our Quaint Rooms Fool You

QuaintbedWe understand that most people fantasize about one day, staying inside of a luxury hotel that gives them all of the amenities that are available. It is the same idea we would like if we were considering a vacation or a romantic getaway. Our problem, then became, “How do we give both luxury and stick to our roots?” It was easier than we expected. Inside of the rooms, we provide cable television and full internet access. There are enough outlets available to keep your laptop and cell phones on charge, if you choose to use them while you are here. We kept the old fashioned furnishings, but upgraded the mattresses in each room. We kept the bathrooms nice, but added luxuries that our guests would not expect, such as gold faucets and only the best shower head we could find. Outside, there are also simple pleasures waiting for you.

Our Customer’s Comments

thumbsupOur clients are happy when they show up. When they first visit their rooms, their overall words quickly become, “wow”. When we see them in the morning after they have stayed the night with us, their first comment is that it is perhaps the best night’s sleep they have had in years. They speak highly of how relaxing their shower was and how the massaging shower head setting is better than any hot tub at relieving their stiffened neck. The guests who stay with us for more than a day or two are still happy with their visit and comfort. There are many times they ask where we purchased our shower head or what type it is. We are always honest with them and they claim that they want one in their home. This makes us very happy, but not as happy as the times when they say that they hope to return to enjoy our quaint style and luxurious accommodations again in the future.


Our Family Friendly Rooms

When people are trying to get away from their busy lives for a weekend getaway, that does not necessarily mean that they want to leave all parts of their lives behind. Especially not the most important part of it; their family. We understand this simple fact. It is why we strive so hard to make our business revolve around your family. If you want to see it for yourself, why not learn how far we go to ensure you enjoy staying in our family friendly rooms?

Who We Are

BedandBreakyWe are the home away from home for our guests. We offer a Bed & Breakfast experience that you will not soon forget. We provide a vacation spot that caters to every member of your family, regardless of their age. If you are a single person, you are welcome to stay with us. However, you are also welcome if you have your entire family along on vacation with you. We can provide you with a room that will be comfortable for yourself, your significant other, and any children that you choose to bring along with you. In fact, we do encourage people to bring their kids along, even the tiniest newborn is welcome at our bed and breakfast. We do it mostly because we are a family ourselves. We have spent time trying to find a vacation spot and we have discovered that it is not always easy to find a place that is comfortable for everyone.

What Our Rooms Provide

MiniCribsOur rooms have a comfortable area for you and your partner to get a good night’s sleep in. There is a television available for you to enjoy and complimentary cable and internet. We can give you a room that has two beds inside of it for any children that you may bring along with you, and we also provide the best mini crib that we have found for the smallest child. There is a night light in the room so that you can walk around without being blinded by the light and water is within easy reach so that you have fresh water for your little one’s bottle if you need it. By being a bed and breakfast inn, you can also expect the noise to be kept to a minimum so that you do not have to worry about a noisy neighbor waking up your sleeping child.

Are You Ready for a Good Night’s Sleep?

SleepTightWhen it comes to a vacation spot, we feel that you deserve to be comfortable and you should not have to worry about whether your kids will be comfortable or safe. You are vacationing so that you can relax. Not so that you can feel more stressed. When it comes to our rooms, you are our priority. We searched long and hard to find mattresses that will as comfortable as the one you sleep on at home, perhaps more so. We have put that same effort into reading through all the crib mattress reviews that we could find so that you can feel sure your little one is sleeping on a comfortable and safe mattress. This means that while you are staying with us, everyone will enjoy a stress free, comfortable home away from home.

You Are Invited to Visit Our Country Home

CottageStyleWhen was the last time you spent time in a luxurious and beautiful country style home? A home that offers all the things you love about the country as opposed to the big city. Perhaps a home that will remind you of where you grew up or where you went to visit your grandparents? Think back to those times in the past when you were carefree and the world seemed easy. If you want to experience it again, you are invited to visit our country home and stay awhile. Continue reading

From Your Comfy Bed to Ours

roomsixWe know that spending the night away from home can make you miserable if the bed is not comfortable. This is not the way we want for you to think of our bed and breakfast inn when you leave out and head back home to your own bed. In fact, our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible during the time that you are with us. Here are just some of the ways that we provide comfort when you are away from home and your own bed. Continue reading

Where the Food is as Good as at Home

HomeCookedMeals-300x300Do you enjoy good ole fashion, home cooked meals? It is a treat that is not offered at many hotels or motels. It is something that you can only find, while either at home or by staying at a bed and breakfast that places as much value on food as they do a good night’s sleep for their guests. That is our wish and we work hard to provide it for all of the people who come to spend some time with us. It is our promise to you, that we will do our best. Continue reading

Enjoy a Nature Walk around Our Inn

SimpleLife-300x186When was the last time you walked outside just for the pure joy of walking barefoot in the grass or taking time to smell the flowers? Have you missed feeling the sunshine on your face while you sit on a swing enjoying the sounds of the night? These things are simple pleasures that most adults forget to enjoy when they are dealing with their careers and busy family life. At our little bed and breakfast, we encourage our guests to reach out and enjoy the simple things in life through nature. Continue reading

Come Enjoy Our Fun in the Sun

Picnicblanket-300x236Our kind of fun may not include amusement park rides and things that make you dizzy, but we do offer certain thrills that most people to not get to experience in their day to day lives. The type of fun you choose to have is completely up to you when you visit our bed and breakfast retreat. Just rest assured that the sun will most definitely be a part of the adventure, provided it isn’t the moonlight instead.

Our Daytime Delights

Imagine picnics with your partner or walking around barefooted while holding hands with the one you love the most. Because of this, there are people who come to see us each year during the week of their anniversary. They visit us when they need a moment alone to just simply be a couple, without the real world rearing its ugly head. They know that here, no one will intrude upon those romantic moments when they simply want to laugh together.

We have put amazing amounts of effort into creating an outdoor area where people can venture out together and enjoy privacy during the daytime hours. We have pathways for you to walk around on and most of the time Mother Nature is very accommodating with her sunshine. Continue reading