Where the Food is as Good as at Home

HomeCookedMeals-300x300Do you enjoy good ole fashion, home cooked meals? It is a treat that is not offered at many hotels or motels. It is something that you can only find, while either at home or by staying at a bed and breakfast that places as much value on food as they do a good night’s sleep for their guests. That is our wish and we work hard to provide it for all of the people who come to spend some time with us. It is our promise to you, that we will do our best.

Our Menu

Our menu changes often for dinner. Sometimes we will offer our guests a taste of fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. We feed our guests backyard barbeque dinners occasionally. Country fried steaks and homemade meat loaves are sometimes also available for you to enjoy. With each meal, we will have seasonal vegetables that are prepared the right way. Each of these dinners is guaranteed to make your mouth water and your belly full.


For breakfast, we stick with the basic foods. This may include eggs and sausage or bacon, pancakes, waffles, or other treats. There are also bagels and muffins available for people who simply want a light meal to get the day started.

Why We Provide So Much

We feel that when a guest pays to come and visit with us for an evening or a weeklong stay, that we owe it to them to provide whatever they need. Often young couples will visit us for their honeymoon and they do not want to spend a lot of time venturing out into the world beyond. They come to us to get away from the life they have back home. Business men, retired couples, and others also enjoy the same things. For all of those people, we work hard to give them what they need from us at that time. Food is only part of what we provide our guests with.

We Want You to Enjoy Your Stay

Any five star hotel can provide a comfortable bed for their guests. They may provide other things as well, but mostly they will keep it to a bed and a continental breakfast. Guests must venture out into the real world if they want dinner or things to do.

With us, we have a lovely yard and gardens for you to walk through. There are birds to watch, butterflies and natural things to enjoy. Our beds are comfortable enough to remind you of home. We provide a quiet place for people to enjoy time together or alone.

We do not have 100 rooms for our guests to stay in. We provide a space for only a few people. This enables us to ensure that when you stay with us, you are our priority until you decide to leave. Great food is an extension of our thanks to you for choosing to spend your time with us. Do we truly need more of a reason than that to provide you with excellent service?