About Us

A vintner returning to his home in St Emilion was devastated to learn that his beloved wife had died leaving behind their young daughter, Arianna. Convinced that he must leave his grief behind, he packed up his daughter to start a new life in America.

Arianna flourished.  She spent all her time exploring her new surroundings. In her travels, she befriended a young Indian. He taught her about the magical properties of the forest. The friendship quickly turned to romance.

Upon learning of the relationship, Arianna’s father became enraged. When she refused to end the relationship, her father had him killed. On the night her lover died, a hawk circled the house. She was sure it was her lover.

Arianna continued to explore the forests. She sought an herbal concoction that would make her feel the way she had felt when she was with her lover. We believe that Arianna Miles found her love potion.  On the night she disappeared and every night since then, guests of the inn have witnessed two hawks circling the house.

The second explanation . . .
 When we have children, our daughter will be named Arianna, and our son will be named Miles. Which story do you want to believe??