Come Enjoy Our Fun in the Sun

Picnicblanket-300x236Our kind of fun may not include amusement park rides and things that make you dizzy, but we do offer certain thrills that most people to not get to experience in their day to day lives. The type of fun you choose to have is completely up to you when you visit our bed and breakfast retreat. Just rest assured that the sun will most definitely be a part of the adventure, provided it isn’t the moonlight instead.

Our Daytime Delights

Imagine picnics with your partner or walking around barefooted while holding hands with the one you love the most. Because of this, there are people who come to see us each year during the week of their anniversary. They visit us when they need a moment alone to just simply be a couple, without the real world rearing its ugly head. They know that here, no one will intrude upon those romantic moments when they simply want to laugh together.

We have put amazing amounts of effort into creating an outdoor area where people can venture out together and enjoy privacy during the daytime hours. We have pathways for you to walk around on and most of the time Mother Nature is very accommodating with her sunshine.

Wish Upon a Star

The sunshine is great, but the moonlight is magical. We are located in an area that is removed from the real world. This means moonlit walks and wishing upon stars for the world to be as peaceful tomorrow as it is on that night. Lovers, both young and old, seem to enjoy this experience the most out of all others that they have at our bed and breakfast. On a clear night with a full moon above, anything is possible. You can see all around you, but everything looks more magical than it could ever be during the daytime.

What makes it even better is the fact that even if all of our rooms are full and everyone decides to venture out into the darkness, it seems by mutual agreement they always go their own way and rarely do paths ever cross. This is due to all the outdoor space that there is available. What would you give to lie on a blanket, looking up at the stars, on a warm summer’s night with the one you love? Would you steal a kiss? Search the sky for falling stars? Anything you want to do is possible.

Which Time Of the Day Do You Enjoy?

Some people who stay with us enjoy the appeal of our nightlife. Others prefer the daytime. Either option will give you the chance for some special time between you and your partner. Perhaps that is why so many of our guests propose while they are visiting with us and then return for their honeymoon. They know there is magic to be found here. Now it is your turn to discover it for yourself.