Monthly Archives: March 2016

Daytime Activities

When we first opened up our Bed & Breakfast, we wanted a place that people would enjoy enough that they would return to visit us at a later time. We understand that when people come to us, it is mostly because they want to get away from the world outside. We wanted to create a space of relaxation and fun, but we wanted to also ensure that our guests have things that they can enjoy doing while they are there. The nights are yours to enjoy in whatever way you want to, even if it is staying inside of your room. The daytime, though, is where our bed and breakfast differs from most. There are a variety of daytime activities available for you and most of our guests claim that it is the best part of their time with us. Perhaps it will be for you as well.


Daily Activities

Inside of our comfortable bed and breakfast, you will find all that you would expect. There are comfortable beds to sleep on, a television to watch, and other luxuries that are designed to make you feel at home. However, because we are a place that you visit when on vacation or taking time away from the world you live in, we also put effort into the things you can do outside during the daytime.

paddleboardFor instance, we are located close enough to downtown that many visitors choose to take a walk rather than take their vehicles when they decide that they want to go shopping or explore the nearby stores. We also have a lake so that you can go kayaking or paddleboarding as a way to get time out of the room and enjoy the water. For lazy afternoons when you just want to relax under a nice tree, we have hammocks to help. All of these things are provided because we feel it adds a little more to the bed and breakfast experience.

There Are Calories Burned Kayaking

We like to see people get outdoors and enjoy themselves. We want to see people enjoying a healthy lifestyle. If you get up and eat a large breakfast with us, we want you to burn off calories. Many of our guests are shocked to learn that there are more calories burned kayaking than doing most other sports. We personally learned about this fact through our own research and reading inflatable kayak reviews.

We Care About Your Enjoyment

lakepictureBy choosing to give more to our guests, we put a lot of effort into choosing activities. We want people to visit us and get some daily exercise when they are there. Not inside of a gym or by swimming laps in a pool; those things get boring. A lake offers a new experience each time you venture out, whether you are on a paddleboard or the kayak. The same can be said of taking a hike into town. It is always changing. That is what we love most about our particular bed and breakfast and we hope that you find it enjoyable as well. Regardless of which daily activity you decide to enjoy.