Monthly Archives: July 2015

You Are Invited to Visit Our Country Home

CottageStyleWhen was the last time you spent time in a luxurious and beautiful country style home? A home that offers all the things you love about the country as opposed to the big city. Perhaps a home that will remind you of where you grew up or where you went to visit your grandparents? Think back to those times in the past when you were carefree and the world seemed easy. If you want to experience it again, you are invited to visit our country home and stay awhile. Continue reading

From Your Comfy Bed to Ours

roomsixWe know that spending the night away from home can make you miserable if the bed is not comfortable. This is not the way we want for you to think of our bed and breakfast inn when you leave out and head back home to your own bed. In fact, our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible during the time that you are with us. Here are just some of the ways that we provide comfort when you are away from home and your own bed. Continue reading