Monthly Archives: June 2015

Where the Food is as Good as at Home

HomeCookedMeals-300x300Do you enjoy good ole fashion, home cooked meals? It is a treat that is not offered at many hotels or motels. It is something that you can only find, while either at home or by staying at a bed and breakfast that places as much value on food as they do a good night’s sleep for their guests. That is our wish and we work hard to provide it for all of the people who come to spend some time with us. It is our promise to you, that we will do our best. Continue reading

Enjoy a Nature Walk around Our Inn

SimpleLife-300x186When was the last time you walked outside just for the pure joy of walking barefoot in the grass or taking time to smell the flowers? Have you missed feeling the sunshine on your face while you sit on a swing enjoying the sounds of the night? These things are simple pleasures that most adults forget to enjoy when they are dealing with their careers and busy family life. At our little bed and breakfast, we encourage our guests to reach out and enjoy the simple things in life through nature. Continue reading

Come Enjoy Our Fun in the Sun

Picnicblanket-300x236Our kind of fun may not include amusement park rides and things that make you dizzy, but we do offer certain thrills that most people to not get to experience in their day to day lives. The type of fun you choose to have is completely up to you when you visit our bed and breakfast retreat. Just rest assured that the sun will most definitely be a part of the adventure, provided it isn’t the moonlight instead.

Our Daytime Delights

Imagine picnics with your partner or walking around barefooted while holding hands with the one you love the most. Because of this, there are people who come to see us each year during the week of their anniversary. They visit us when they need a moment alone to just simply be a couple, without the real world rearing its ugly head. They know that here, no one will intrude upon those romantic moments when they simply want to laugh together.

We have put amazing amounts of effort into creating an outdoor area where people can venture out together and enjoy privacy during the daytime hours. We have pathways for you to walk around on and most of the time Mother Nature is very accommodating with her sunshine. Continue reading